“Strange things are happening to me” Randy Newman

Nothing strange is happening to me, I just love Mr Newman; going to rain today, sailing no more… Classics. I am tired though, always, in the daytime. I’m in a box in Al’s Toy Barn waiting to be unpacked. Sat in this fish tank of a kitchen, vast panes of glass and the air of worn familiarity my fish used to get with each other, treading water in their own corner of the tank after the novelty’s of a new betta or tetra has worn off. Might see if I can drag an old boat wreck from the bottom of the lake into this kitchen, hiding in the rusty holes whenever night security/prospective students/pizza guy/anybody looks through the window. “Where they are put in boxes and they come out all the same”.

Trains from £9 to London Liverpool, flights from £8 to Geneva Switzerland. Bus to Norwich city center £2.80 (return).


One thought on “Tired

  1. ey lad you’ve had adventure in your blood and now you’ve substituted it for putty because you been sitting still too long. Hitch a ride outa there for a wee bit!

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