I logged into WordPress with the intention of deleting my blog. I copy and pasted some of my better entries onto my hard drive for nostalgia, and was about to close the domain when I started re-reading some of the comments I’d received, back in the simpler years of 2013-2014. Buoyed by slight praise I resolved to only strip my name from the blog, fearing even the sanitsed adventures could hinder employment.

A lot of time has passed in between posts. Many things have happened in these three years, I have moved in with my girlfriend, graduated, and found what I consider to be a happy working life. But I find myself unable to avoid the loss of one of my grandparents, a loss that’s had great affect on me. It’s what this post is structured around, and indeed the reason I’m continuing to blog, under my name, on this site. I’ve been told that my grandfather enjoyed reading my writing here, though he perhaps objected to some of my more choice language.

It is also very difficult to remove my name from a blog whose URL reads

My grandfather’s life has also seeded within me an idea for an adventure that he himself undertook, and which I hope to start next year. An adventure of a size to throw my experiences in Andamooka, and the Tasmanian wilderness, into deep shadow. But more of that later.

To re-begin with, let me tell you about Argos.


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